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Residual stress

    • s_safiza

      Hello everyone,

      I am a little bit confused when talking about residual stresses. In this discussion it is mentioned how to get the residual stress. I did all of the steps.

      Equivalent stress here is larger than 250 MPa which is the yield strength so there will be a plastic deformtion and residual stress.

      So now this is the residual stress that we have. 

      1- If I want to add another load here, I should use the deformed geometry and map the residual stress as initial stress then apply another load?

      2- What is the total defomation in analysis A? Is it plastic defomation or elastic+plastic defomation?


      Thank you for your time.



    • Dave Looman
      Ansys Employee

      After the two load steps (load then unload) you can run a third load step.  Assuming you have large deflection on there is no need to export the deformed geometry.  It is possible to do what you say, "use the deformed geometry and map the residual stress as initial stress" to another model, but it's not necesary if you are solving for the initial stress as you describe.  The total deformation is the deformation at the end of load step 2.  It's not zero because you have produced some "non-recoverable" plastic strain in load step 1.

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