restart calculation in cluster

    • yutili


      I am doing a 2 phase bubble injection in water simulation, and its runs in the cluster. but when the calculation interrupt and I want to restart the calculation at the stopped timestep, I load the cas. and data. file with  /file/read-case-data /path/to/case/file.cas  /path/to/data/file.dat  the boundary condition and previous data like inject velocity disappeared. And those situations only happened in cluster, in Windows fluent software it run correctly. Does anyone know why it happens? 

      Thanks in previously! 

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Assuming you're running standalone and haven't got any UDFs set all boundary data is stored in the case file. Which version are you using, and please confirm if you're saving .cas.gz or .cas.h5 formats. 

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