Restarting simulation with *INTERFACE_LINKING_NODESET on MPP

    • tul17693

      I am trying to restart a simulation using runrsf. The keyword deck has an *INTERFACE_LINKING_NODESET keyword in it. I noticed that when I run it on MPP, it reads the runrsf file but gives error termination on the next iteration. However, when I run this on SMP, it works. Is it possible to restart a simulation with *INTERFACE_LINKING_NODESET keyword on MPP? Or is this not yet supported on LS Dyna MPP?

    • Ushnish Basu
      Ansys Employee
      Please make sure to check using a recent release version of MPP. Please also check if you can do a simple or small-deck restart using d3dump rather than runrsf.
      If it's still an issue, please post details of the MPP version you have tried, the command you use to run the restart, and the specific error you are getting.

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