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Result duplication

    • ciema

      I created 10 different types of analysis in Workbench and defined different boundary conditions/used different models. I need to create for each module (analysis) the same result set, for example: Directional and Total Deformation results and stress results. I dont want to define it manually. Is there any possibility to avoid manually creation of results (assuming scoping to all bodies)? 

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Should be doable using ACT automation. 

      More info at:

      An easier option would be using the "copy to clipboard" option and then pasting the clipboard content to resulting analysis.

      Note this option is beta so you need to turn on the beta options first, from Workbench> Tools> Options> Appearance> Beta options


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    • peteroznewman

      If the different models have the same type of load, just different values, it is very efficient to use a Parameter Set and type the different values into rows in the Table of Design Points. The table can have more than one load type. Click Update All Design Points and the solver will run on each row and  fills up with output result values for as many output columns as you have defined.

    • ciema

      Thanks, but my idea was to obtain the same result types for different analysis, not  the same input or output parametrs. But thank you once again. The solution recommended by Aniket works good, so thank you both for help!

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