Results from one simulation in Fluent as an initialization of another

    • EmilGr

      Hello I am doing a transient simulation in Fluent 2020R2 of the formation of droplets in a microfluidic channel, utilizing the VOF method. I would like to use the formed droplets from this simulation and study their behavior under different thermal conditions (wall heating) in another simulation.

      Is it somehow possible to take the results of the first simulation (so the formed droplets and their properties) and initialize a second transient simulation with them or to define the inlet boundary condition with it, I don't want to generate the droplets again in the second case,as this will require more computational time and resources. The dimensions of the channels in the two simulations are the same but lengths are different. Thank you in advance!


    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      Please check interpolation option and profile option in the help manual.
      Please go through help manual for more details
      Regards Keyur
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