Retrieving information of Neighbor Cells

    • zakmt293


      Respected experts I hope this email finds you fine. I am a researcher working on growth of bubble in a super heated domain. VOF model is used to capture the interface and phase change model of lee is implemented at cells that contain interface. I have a very simple question about the connectivity macros and face looping through a particular cell of interest. 


      I would like to go to the cell that is refer in the figure as cell of interest. Then I would perform looping over faces of this cell. And through this face looping I would like to get information about the left, right, downward and upward cells through connectivity macros.  First of all is it possible and if possible is there any example or any kind of information that can help me achieving it. I would be thankful for any kind of help that is provided to me. I do know basics of UDF writing.

      Thank You

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      It's doable, but not something we (staff) can assist with as this is a public forum. Have a look on here as others have done this, and used Lee model: they may have posted code too. 

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      Yes it is possible and well documented in customization manual.

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