Retrieving Output Files with Distributed Compute Services (DCS)

    • temayer17

      I have been having trouble configuring my DCS jobs to properly retrieve the output files I need.

      I am running Ansys Fluent simulations, where the result I need are stored in report.out files within Fluent's executing directory (dp0/FLU/Fluent). However trying to configure my DCS jobs to find and retrieve this file has been confusing and frustrating due to a lack of good or consistent documentation.

      Some of the user manuals say I just have to add the filename to the "Configuration Workflow", but that never successfully finds any of the files. I suspect this is because they are within the Fluent working directory but I don't know for sure. Other manuals say I need to run the "SYS/COPY" command as a part of my Fluent workflow, but as far as I can tell there isn't any way to run ADPL commands within fluent. Neither, can I find any alternative way to run commands or functions after the end of a simulation in fluent to accomplish this task.

      If anyone has experience dealing with Fluent and DCS, please tell me how to solve this problem; it is incredibly frustrating and I have no way to even approach debugging this.

    • Hunter Wang
      Ansys Employee
      Try RSM, instead of DCS
    • dweberst
      Ansys Employee
      Hi The reason why DCS cannot fetch your files is probably because they have disappeared. The Workbench update for a design update is not saved by default. There are two workaround to this:
      [A] you tell Fluent to save the output files to a safe certain location where DCS can fetch them. This is then a Fluent scripting question. I cannot answer that.
      [B] you force a Project Save at the end of the Design Point update. To do this, you need modify the Workbench Journal input file that is used for the update. Go to:Design Point Service > Projects > [your project] > Configurations > Configuration.1. Edit "wbjn_Workbench_Project". At the bottom of the file, add "Save()". In this way, you save the project and its files. The Design Point Service can pick up the files.
      I hope this helps!
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