Retrieving the phases of a mie scattering

    • shanyco


      I would like your guidance in retriving the phases of mie scattering. 

      I'm simulating the scattering from a Si disk (r = 0.8um, h=1.2um) in free space (wvl range - 1-8um) and I have been using the "grating_s_parameters" object in order to compute the S-parameters. 

      I'm observing the S11 (Er) and S21 (Et) real values to get the reflection and transmission resonances and I'm expecting to get pi phase shift which will correspond to these resonances. 

      The phase is Angle(S11) and Angle (S21) - please verify.  

      According to the theory - this is what the phases should look like in the resonance - 


      however, I don't get anything resembling this graph. 

      any help is much appreciated, 

      thanks alot 

    • Greg Baethge
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Shany,

      Thanks for posting your question on the forum. Could you provide some further information about your simulation? As the name indicates, the S parameter calculation relies on grating projections, so it will make sense for periodic structures only. Then, a phase correction is applied, taking into account the distance between the source and the structure, and the monitors and the structures. It requires to specify the position and span of the structure (see this link for more information).

      Note we are not allowed to download any file posted on the forum, but you can share the simulation settings and results by posting screen captures and images.

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