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Retriveing Preprossing data for postprocessing with APDL commands

    • Sahith Kumar Dandanayakula

      For example i have created a path using two points in Mechanical and i want to create are array with columns like the lenght of the path and x,y,z coordinates. These array values can be used for postprocessing the stresses and defromations along the path and at path coordinates. I have done this manually by exporting to text data. But I am attempting to automate my model. So, what commands should be used to get the path coordinates into an array in WB with APDL commands? Please see figure below for your reference how the path data looks like when exported to text file.

      Where S is the lenght of the path or in other words distance between to points on the path.

    • Claudio Pedrazzi

      Have a look at the Help for the *GET command, specifically the 

      Table 169: *GET Postprocessing Items, Entity = PATH

      I have never tried this, but obviously it is possibile to loop through all the points of the PATH and extract coordinate information.  I would write this out to a .txt file, with APDL commands.  You ask for an ARRAY in WB, I don't know the answer to this part of the question.


      Hope this helps

      Best regards



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