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return loss using SBR+




      I have a question regarding SBR+ in HFSS, I am wondering how accurate the result i get from SBR+ regarding return loss (S11). I trties to compare the return loss if high frequency antenna (100 GHz) using FEM and SBR+ and they are different.




    • Faezeh Ladani
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Saeed,


      The question is so general and I am not sure what sort of setup you are using. In general, note that SBR+ is an asymptotic solver and suitable for electrically huge scatterers. If it is used properly based on SBR+ assumptions, we get very good agreement with full wave simulations, in much shorter time! 

      If you'd like us to investigate your design, file a support ticket through customer portal. If you don't have access to portal, you may share some more information here and we will help within the scope of this forum. 

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