Reversing Shell Normal

    • Siva Pavan Josyula


      Can anyone help me with revesing shell normals in ANSYS workbench. Currently I am working on Rotor Blade Geometry. If I mesh in Workbench both Suction side and Pressure Sides are taking either top or bottom offset, resulting in mesh destortion in  geometry.

      Could anyone help me with reversing shell normals?



      Siva Pavan Josyula

    • peteroznewman

      Hello Siva,

      Here is what I know about element orientation in Mechanical (not Meshing).

      If you have two surface bodies in a multibody part, if you right click on Geometry, you can Insert an Element Orientation object.

      I didn't select the Axis properly for the top surface so the normal points inward.

      This is what I had....................................This is what I changed it to.


      Now I have the correct outward normal.

      However, I got this warning message, so I'm not sure what the solver will do.

      Perhaps you are concerned about the offsets. Here is the shell with both bodies offset to Top.

      When I change one of the Body Properties from this to this


      The offsets match.

      Is this helpful?





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