Reynolds number problem

    • Abhi1311

      Greetings! I have a few questions so please take a look at them,

      1.   I am simulating gas flow inside a closed chamber with one inlet and one outlet. Earlier we were using Turbulence model but after i           calculated reynolds number it came out as laminar flow. So by changing model am i going in the right direction? How important is it?

      2.   Also I'm planning to change the gas temperature too. As dynamic viscosity is dependent on temperature, it may change due to change in       temperature which may in turn change the reynolds number so my second question is that will the flow will turn turbulent of constant flow       rate after certain increase of gas temperature?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Very roughly, running a turbulence model on laminar flow will make fluid jets etc more diffusive. Running laminar on a turbulent flow tends to either pick up transients in the flow or have poor convergence. 

      If you alter the physical properties you could trigger a change to turbulent flow at a constant flow, but that's for you to work out. Remember, if the temperature changes a lot you may also want to alter density. 

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