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General Mechanical

Rigid body motion on 4 point bending springback

    • ArthurSA

      Hello to everyone, I'm using Mechanical 19 R2 to obtain the springback and residual stresses of a pipe submited to a 4 point bending test acording to the image.


      The pipe is made of Engineering Data Source's Titanium Alloy NL (Non-linear) and the pins are Structural Steel (Linear). The model is easily reproduced by anyone with the following dimensions:


      As boundary conditions I'm using 1/4 symmetry, a 2 step displacement (-12 mm -> 0) applied at the loading pins and fixed support at the lower ones. All contacts are frictionless.

      After loading application the pins goes back to the original position... but the pipe adheres to them and goes up too. I've tested a lot of different meshes, contact setups and even gravity! But had no luck restricting this rigid body movement. Any ideas on how to avoid this?

      Here are my current contact setup (both equal):

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