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Rigid Dynamics and Forced Frictional Sliding connection

    • mergen.eric

      Hello everyone,

      I am having trouble extracting reaction forces at a forced frictional sliding contact region in a rigid dynamic analysis. For some reason the forced frictional sliding contact is not recognized. In the Solver Output data, the connection remains open or inactive for the entire analysis. If I change the forced frictional sliding contact to no separation (keeping the pinball radius the same) then the contact is recognized and I can get force reaction results from a force reaction probe. So why isn't the forced frictional sliding contact active when the no separation is? The friction coefficient is set to 0.2 and restitution factor is 0.8

    • Cheta Rathod
      Ansys Employee

      I would need the model or solve.out file to determine what is going on exactly.

      My guess of one possible scenario: May be there are multiple shocks in the model, the contact algorithm struggles and shows the contact is open. (When contact is open, there will be no contact reaction force.) Try to reduce the restitution factor of this contact and see if this helps. Or another option is to reduce the max time step (Analysis Setting) and see if this helps.

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