Rigid Rotation task – Polyflow

    • okaya

      Hello during my polyflow screw extruder analyze i kept screw fixed and gave motion to the barrel. Also when choosing task i selected rigid rotation task but i dont know what value should i give to omegax when selectin this task. And also how to enter the cordination of moving frame thank you

    • ydai
      Ansys Employee
      Hello Omer,I assume that you are able to access ansys online help menu:https://forum.ansys.com/discussion/3978/how-to-access-the-ansys-online-help#latest, from where you can get polyflow example package:https://ansyshelp.ansys.com/account/secured?returnurl=/Views/Secured/prod_page.html?pn=Polyflow&pid=Polyflow&lang=en

      After download the package, polyflow example files, you can check example 115 NON-ISOTHERMAL FLOW IN A SINGLE SCREW EXTRUDER.In Polydata setup, in the subtask for the extruder flow simulation, go to Define moving parts menu for the setup on the screw, enter Definition of the motion, you will be required to specify,
      origin point of the rotation axis, three coordinates in x,y,zorientation of the rotation axis,
      unit vector components in x,y,z direction, if the axis is aligned in x-direction, (1, 0, 0)
      angular velocity, when following the right had rule, i.e., thumb's pointing to the positive axis direction, and four fingers pointing in rotation direction, the angular velocity takes a positive value in rpm, if opposite to the direction, input a negative value.

      Hope this clarifies

    • okaya
      Thank you ydai for your answer but i was wondering on the rigid task, is the value of omega equal to the angular velocity of the barrel with minus sign.
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