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Ring modulator time domain (INTERCONNECT)

    • dubey



      1. In the above example, the bandwidth calculated here is the same as photon lifetime  limited bandwidth or electro-optic bandwidth limited due to charge transport at junction? Can you please explain briefly?
      2. In the simulation validation icp file, all the waveguide parameter are entered manually rather than directly loading ldf file. Is it important to do so. Can't I just load ldf file from mode solver and adjust delay compensation to fit scattering and impulse response?

      Thank you ! Looking forward to answers


    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee


      A1: the bandwidth would be from electro-optic property of the device, but by photon lifetime.

      A2: This is a large topic as so many parameters need to be set. ldf file can provide certain parameters, such as mode properties. Others will need to input either manually or using script.

      You can import as much data as you can in the ldf file.

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