Ring Resonator 3D FDTD Example

    • Ahmet Durgun

      Hello, I am trying to simulate the ring resonator FDTD example over a wider band, from 1.2 um to 1.8  um. When I run the same example over a narrower band, for instance 1.5 um to 1.6 um, I observe a significant shift in the resonant wavelengths. I suspect that this is due to the material fit model. Is there a recommended band width to get the most accurate results for broadband simulations?

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Material fitting is one thing, and it also affects the mesh size.

      Please chekc this:

      It will fix the material fitting and the mesh generation for the same wavelength range, after the source spectrum changes.

      In addition, make sure the simulaiton time is long enough and let the autoshutoff min to terminate the simulation.


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