RMxprt-3PH_Induction_Motor(Lamination Sector)

    • Xupoi

      I am simulating 3phase Induction Motor using RMxprt....All the input datas are clear to me except-

      1.Lamination Sector

      2.Pressboard Thickness

      3.End Clearence

      4.Input Half Turn Length

      Kindly explain the above with great details so that I will get the physical feel of the above.


    • xzhao
      Ansys Employee

      Refer to the Maxwell Help manual for descriptions of these terms:

      "Maxwell Help > RMxprt Help > RMxprt Machine Types > Defining the Stator Windings for a Three-Phase Induction Motor"


      "Maxwell Help > RMxprt Help > RMxprt Machine Types > Stator Data for Three-Phase Induction Motors"

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