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    • Vicky

      Hello everyone,

      I have completed a 2-way coupling simulation between Fluent and Rocky, but I have some questions that I hope you can help me with.

      1. I am having difficulty finding the option to set the Saffman and Magnus lift forces when setting the forces. Could you please help me locate this option? It seems to me that it only appears in a 1-way coupling, why?

      2. Regarding post-processing, I have reviewed the manuals and learned how to draw graphs in relation to time, but I would like to plot velocity versus pipe radius. How can I create this type of graph in Rocky?

      I appreciate your assistance in addressing these issues.

      Thank you.

    • SRP


      In the Rocky-Fluent coupling, the fluid flow is obtained by the conventional continuum approach using Ansys Fluent.

      The coupling between solid and fluid is accomplished by interphase momentum and heat transfer
      terms due to the interaction between phases.

      You can add forces in the phase interaction panel in the multiphase model.

      Thank you.

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