Rogowksi Coils

    • Aliosha86

      Hi guys,

      I am trying to simulate a rogowski coil in ANSYS Maxwell through a simple modelling of the conductors. I would like to know the voltage that it is induced in the rogowki coil if I vary the current in the other conductors.

      It seems that Maxwell overestimate the results.

      Anyone has some ideas? Shoudl I switch off "Eddy current effects".


    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      What results are you looking for? which solution type are you working with?
      Can you share some screenshots of your model and set up to interpret the problem clearly?
      Please use the image option and not the Attachment option while sharing the screenshots.
      Regards Navya
    • Aliosha86

      thanks a lot for answering me. Basically the geometry is the one attached below. The rogowksi is the blue one.
      Basically I am varying the current in the conductor in grey, and I see in "Transient" with "Eddy effects" switched on which is the current induced in the conductor.
      I am not sure if this is the right way to do it. I am trying to also mimic the behaviour of the rogowksi by adding the terminal in one of the cross sectional area on the (x-y) plane and using a winding controlled by tension and just giving the resistence of the coils.

      If I use the eddy effects the current is quite different from the theoretical behaviour, but if I use the windings it is even lower.

      I hope you can give me some tips/advices.

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