Roller bit

    • Demis


      I am a student, please help me.

      In this model, I get data from the elements of the bit (movement and stress), which interacts with the rock.


      1. Is it possible to make a plate of granite rock, and because of what parameter there is an error in the calculation? - system name " Static Structural with a plane"

      2. How do I set the rotation of the bit around its axis (21 radians per second)? So that this is displayed in the calculations. - system name " Static Structural"

      3. In "Magnifying the grid", the calculation returns an error, can you tell me what needs to be corrected?

      Thank you for your time!

    • peteroznewman
      I looked at the Solver Output for #3, the Magnifying the grid system and I see this:
      *** FATAL *** CP = 6.203 TIME= 18:01:16
      The version size limits( NODES )have been exceeded.
      If I look at the Statistics category of the Mesh, I see the number of nodes is 208,024
      The Student License has limit on the largest node number in the model and the 2021 R1 version will not solve for models with more that 128,000 nodes.
      You need to create a mesh that has fewer than 128,000 nodes.
    • Demis
      Thanks for the reply.

      On your YouTube channel - , found the video.
      Where can I find files for building a similar model and simulation?

      With respect Denis
    • peteroznewman
      The files for this video were stored in this thread:
      Unfortunately, when they upgraded the site, many links were broken.
      Attached is a drill bit from some other member. I make no claims about the validity of this model.
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