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Rotate tool in ANSYS Design Modeler

    • bhanu34


      I tried to explore the option called rotate in Body transformation tool in ANSYS DesignModeler,

      In axis definition section, I see two options i.e. Selection and Components, I just want to know what exactly is component here?

      and could you please explain in brief?

    • sathya

      ROTATE  is used to to rotate selected bodies about a specified axis and by a specified angle.

      You can specify the axis in one of two ways as listed in the Axis Definition property.

      Selection: You can specify the axis or rotation using a Direction Reference.

      Components: Component definition for the directional vector used as the rotation axis and origin

      You can choose to keep the original body by setting the Preserve Bodies option to Yes.

      If the original body is not required, set the Preserve Bodies option to No.

    • Rahul Kumbhar
      Ansys Employee

      Components are the vectors of the global coordinate system. For example if you choose z=1, rotation axis is z of the global CS. If you choose Y=1 & Z=1, rotation will be about both Y axis and Z axis.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      following links may help you. 




      if this helps you, please mark this post as 'is solution' to help others on forum.




    • bhanu34

      Hi rkumbhar,


      Thanks for the information

      I just wanted to know why you have only used 1 for X, Y, Z?

      and What does value 1 signifies here?


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      It's a vector: so we just need to give the axis a value in this case. We could have used a value of 2 or indeed any number. If we'd wanted the vector to be at 45 degrees we could use x=1 and y=1 or x=2 & y=2: for 30 degrees x=1 & y=2 (might be 60 degrees!). 

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