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Rotational Velocity in Reference Axis


    • jaz

      Hi, i wanted to know how i could get rotational velocity components for a part/node in a reference axis. I can see it for the global by going into measure/angvel,/part. But i cant seem to work out how to do so for a local reference axis. 


      When i look at the measure/Ang Vel option in the keyword file it provides local reference axis and Global as options, but in the post process file i dont have this anymore. 


      Additionally, I have nodal output setup for the local axis, when i hover over the nodout part of ASCII I can see the options for rotational velocity etc but then as soon as i download my nodout file those options disappear. 


      Any help appreciated as I do require rotational velocity components in the local axis 

    • tslavik
      Ansys Employee
      If it is a rigid body then specify the LCO in *MAT_020 and use *DATABASE_RBDOUT. Open the rbdout file with LS-PrePost and click the "Local" button - the angular velocity components will be reported for the local axes. The global axes are used if you do not click the Local button. If it is a deformable body (not *MAT_RIGID), then please let us know whether it is made of shell, beam or solid elements.
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