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Rotational velocity

    • muneebvohra

      I wanted to know how the rotational velocity actually works in static structural analysis. When we give rotational velocity or rotational acceleration, wouldn't it cause the body to lose its equilibrium? Then how it can be in equilibrium. How does ansys calculate stresses then?

      I will be really grateful for your answer.

      Thank You

    • peteroznewman

      Imagine a large disk supported on a shaft, and the disk/shaft are rotating with a velocity. Static Structural will allow you to apply a Rotational Velocity to calculate the stress in the material due to the rotational velocity.

      It doesn't do that by actually spinning the model. The ends of the shaft can have a fixed support.  It just applies a radial acceleration load to each element. The radial acceleration is a function of the radius of the element from the axis and the rotational velocity.

      Now imagine cutting a large hole in the disk on one side. Now the disk is unbalanced and there will be a significant side force acting on the shaft due to the unbalanced mass in the disk.  The Static Structural solution will show the shaft bending due to the rotational velocity.


      Hi, I need to help related to one problem. I do static structural analysis for disc brake. I drew disc and pad together. I transferred to ANYS program, confirmed geometry and I selected model section. I made mesh and gave pressure value in the two pad. 

      I want to give rotational velocity for disc. But I could not make this. I selected disc and entered rotatinaol velocity value but it did not be. In additon, I used revolute in the connection section in order to try another way and later I tried to give joint load. When I selected moment or rotational, this program confirmed. When I selected rotational velocity, it did not confirm . What could be problem?

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