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    • daniela

      Hi everyone, 


      I'm using ansys fluent version 19.2. I have a model using concrete as a wall material. Now I want to set the roughness height and constant. Just a short question: Is the roughness constant in fluent the same as the Manning roughness constant in hydraulics? 

      Also, I've set the solid material in my material list as aluminium (as it is by default, can't change it somehow). Is this automatically the wall material or can this just be configurated by setting the roughness parameters? 

      Thanks in advance, 


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      The wall material can be changed, but you need to add another material in from the database. It only has an effect if you need to include heat transfer.  

      Roughness is defined in the documentation: open the wall boundary condition panel up and click on the "Help" button and then read through and follow links to the roughness definitions. 

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