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RSM and Fluent

    • Twan Verweij

      Dear all,

      We have two main execution nodes that we like to combine to execute CFD runs. We run an ARC-setup.

      RSM is running and we can run jobs on either node if we stay below the core-count of that node, but once we start combining nodes (i.e. choose a partition count above the cores of a node) the job starts fine on the master node according to the job manager, but nothing is happening when inspecting the work load.

      The question is two-fold:

      1. is ARC/RSM able to split up a Fluent job between nodes at all?
      2. The master node is obviously stuck somewhere; how to troubleshoot? 

      Thanks in advance,





    • RM
      Ansys Employee

      Hi ,

      Does it throws any error? If yes, could you please share that?

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