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RSM Configuration Issue

    • Jschirato581

      I have previously used the RSM configuration manager to add HPC Resources but recently I was recieving this error when attempting to submit projects. "Proxy Process identifier could not be determined. Probably couldn't be started. Job submission failed"

      I proceeded to remove the resources I had in the RSM configuration manager in hopes that recreating them would solve the issue, however, once I enter the Resource Info (which match a coworkers settings, his works BTW) i click "Import/Refresh HPC Queues" and what a surprise, I get a similar message as a popup. "Querying Cluster queues failed: Proxy process identifier could not be determined. Probably couldn't be started."

      I've contact my companies IT department but haven't been able find a solution. I'm not a network or IT wizard so a little from anyone might be helpful. Let me know if you need more details.



    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      @Jschirato581 Since this is being handled off-line, through a Service Request, I will go ahead and close this post.
      Best Geo
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