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RSM Fluid-structure


    • HB Z

      I'm using workbench for fluid-structure interaction calculations, and I'm concerned that ANSYS can submit jobs to Linux servers via RSM, but I've noticed the following hint in the help documentation: Note: For the System Coupling Solution cell, the Update Option property can only be set to Run in Foreground. If you attempt to update the System Coupling system from its Solution cell, the project update is not sent to RSM, regardless of the project's Update Option setting. So how can I submit my fluid-structure interaction job to a high-performance server? Are there video tutorials available?

    • RM
      Ansys Employee

      Refer this article for running FSI cases with RSM: How to set 2Way-FSI simulation on Workbench via RSM? (English version) - Ansys Knowledge.

      Please refer Using Parallel Processing Capabilities ( as well to know about parallel processing.

      Hope this helps!


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