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Rsm problem

    • suleyman41

      RSM working and SLURM working. I can see this job on squeue in slurm. But rsm job monitor give this message


      Inquiring for files by Name: [s_updated_dp0.wppz,s_updated_dp1.wppz]
      No files transferred.
      [ERROR] RSM subtask for DP 0,1 finished but update results for design points 0,1 were not received by RSM HPC manager
      [INFO] All subtasks are completed.
      ANSYS/2021-R1/v211/Framework/bin/Linux64/runwb2: line 22:  3689 Segmentation fault      $MONO_PREFIX/bin/mono "[email protected]"
      Command Exit Code: 139
      Saving exit code file: /RS/staging/1cd9wl5q.ok0/exitcode_b56ef239-098c-45d8-b150-f28a9e01c848.rsmout
    • Hunter Wang
      Ansys Employee
      It seems Workbench got error. Try Solution update through RSM, set Parameter Setup update to Run in foreground. n
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