Process Integration and Design Optimization

Process Integration and Design Optimization

    • KK
      I have examined a simple example project (beam) with the RSTMAC command in the harmonic analysis. I have exported the simulation results in y direction for all 5 nodes, converted them into real and imaginary parts and generated an .unv file with Matlab. Then I read the file into APDL Command with the RSTMAC command and compare it with the .rst file. Both files should now be the same, one .rst and one .unv. Thus both CSAC and CSF should be filled with the value 1. However, both have 0 everywhere.
      If I repeat the same for the z-direction, then at least the CSAC value becomes 1 everywhere. However, the CSF value, which is more important for me, is still 0. Unfortunately, this makes no sense to me. 
      I also noticed that the CSF value is described incorrectly in the ANSYS help. There is a ^2 in the numerator and that should be wrong. 
      In Matlab I have also incorporated both criteria and get the value 1 for each frequency step (for CSAC & CSF).
      Perhaps you have an answer for this.
    • Markus
      Ansys Employee


      I see you have a discussion going on here:
      The post was moved to the new place, since it fits better in the catergory of Mechanical.

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