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    • aaditya


      My research team is planning to run a large number of simulations( 1000s) to generate data for a possible machine learning project. We have created a square slab of material and etched a cut into it. In the simulations, we want to change the shape, size, and location of the cut and compute the reflectance of the material. We have access to Argonne National Lab and can use a large number of nodes to run many simulations at once.

      I have created a python script that can create the simulation input file and another which can extract the data once the simulation is finished. I wonder if we can automate the process of submitting all the jobs at once.

      Also, is using varFDTD going to be more useful here if the structure can be made into 2D?

      Answer to these questions will be very helpful.

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    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      Hi, Anikeya Lumerical has the capacity of distributed and concurrent parallel simulations. Since you want to simulate many different files in a larger cluster, you have 2 options:
      1: create all the files, and add them in the job quque. related script commands are
      addjob - Script command
      runjobs - Script command
      clearjobs - Script command
      2:use sweep
      Before you run them concurrently, please set to use all the nodes.
      related information:
      Concurrent parametric computing
      Compute resource configuration use cases
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    • aaditya
      Thanks, gsun. I will take a look at these. Is it possible to run over 1000 simulations from different input files at the same time on 1000 or more nodes?
    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      As long as you have enough license, or cloud license, it should be ok. Please refer Cluster Licensing ÔÇô Lumerical Support or contact us by email if you have premium support.
    • aaditya
      We have a floating license . ANSYS Academic Lumerical Research (1 task)
    • Lito Yap
      Ansys Employee
      For ANSYS academic or teaching licenses, support is provided here in the forum.
      To add, 1 solve/engine license can run 1 simulation job up to a maximum of 32 cores. So to run 1000 simulation files at the same time (concurrent) using 32 cores each, you will need 1000 solve/engine licenses. See this article in our KB for more information.
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