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Ansys Gateway powered by AWS

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Running Ansys Fluent 2023 R1 on hpc6a or hpc7a in Windows VM

    • Ashwini Kumar
      Ansys Employee

      For optimum performance of Ansys Fluent 2023 R1 on hpc6a/hpc7a instances running on Windows, we recommend the following settings in the launcher:

      1. Change the MPI to msmpi from the default


      2. Type FLUENT_AFFINITY=0 [zero] in Environment tab

      These settings will be set by default in Ansys Fluent 2023 R2.

      In the CFD Pro licenses, the environment tab is disabled. Launch Fluent using the command prompt:

      > "C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v231\fluent\ntbin\win64\fluent" -affinity=off

      when launcher opens, set the desired core count and continue:


      One can modify the shortcut that launches Fluent as follows


    • Mason Morris

      I have installed it and feel the performance is more optimal than before.

      baldi's basics

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