Running APDL in ANSYS in ANSYS 2020R1

    • hamednik


      I have an APDL script and could easily run it in batch mode in ANSYS V18.2. However, it does not work in version 2020R1. (the script is attached).

      In the Windows Command Prompt, I first navigate to the ANSYS Product Directory and then use the below command to run the code but it ends up with some error and stop.

      "C:Program FilesANSYS Incv201ansysinwinx64ansys201.exe" -b -i Bi_Stable.txt -o file.out'

      Meanwhile, if I copy these lines in the APDL Session Editor works perfectly. I wonder if there is any change in running in batch mode in this version.



    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee
      nnPlease refer to the following link on running APDL in batch mode and see if you are following the correct steps:nnnRegards,nAshish Khemkann=================nnAccessing Ansys Help -
    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee
      Can you please post the result of running the batch job? It's kind of hard to troubleshoot without knowing what exactly did not work.nThanks,nMiken
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