Running FENAP on HPC

    • Shaikh Zaher
    • Shaikh Zaher



      I am currently facing an issue with running FENSAP on HPC. While I have been able to run different modules such as FENSAP, DROP3D, and ICE3D standalone, I am encountering an error in the meshing process while attempting to run a multishot simulation.

      After reviewing the error message, it appears that the problem may stem from setting up the incorrect FLUENT environmental variable. Additionally, it seems that the shebang line specifies /bin/tcsh as the interpreter, whereas I am currently running bash and do not have the sudo permission to change to csh/tcsh.

      I have attached the environmental variable that was used for the simulation as well as the error message for your reference. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or assistance you can provide to resolve this issue.

      Thank you in advance for your time and help.


      BASH SCRIPT (“path” here is the installation location)

      ………………………………..Skipping to the meshing step, as the previous steps (airflow, droplet and icing) are generating the solution file).


      [ It fails to locate the runCADReaders.csh for importing the geometry ]


      > ;       APPLY HDF SETTINGS
      /file/read-journal “fluent_config.jou” “”
      Reading journal file fluent_config.jou…
      > /file/cff-files? n
      beta-feature-access     file/                   print-license-usage
      display/                parallel/               switch-to-solution-mode
      exit                    preferences/
      /file/import/cad-options/one-object-per file 
      > /file/import/cad-options/one-face-zone-per face 
      > /file/import/cad yes “newmesh.stl” no no m
      Importing one geom object per file and one zone per face …
      Warning: An error or interrupt occurred while reading the journal file.
      Some commands may not have been completed.
      sh: /path/Ansys/22.1/v221/commonfiles/CPython/3_7/linx64/Release/Ansys/TGrid/runCADReaders.csh: /bin/tcsh: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
      Error: Error in CAD Import
      Error Object: #f





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