Running icemCFD remotely

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    • AlijaBevrnja

      Hello everyone,

      I would like to know if there is a way to run icemcfd remotely?

      I am using a home Windows machine with Xming (to enable graphical user interface applications) and also an office openSUSE machine, where icemcfd is installed and that has direct communication to the license server. I am able to run the program locally, but when I log to my machine using ssh and try running the application, I get some error.

      I am using absolutely no command line arguments, so I assume I am missing one or two here.

      Upon running the icemcfd command, I get the following error:

      2021/06/09 11:30:45   ERROR                                                                               some_big_number/0/0/0

                     Unable to retrieve IP for host my_office_computer_name.

                                     Host not found: my_office_computer_name

      I am not sure if some_big_number is an error code or part of license, so I am hiding it for now.

      With kind regards,

      Alija Bevrnja

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      Are you connected through VPN to your office?
      What happens if you ping the hostname of your office machine?
      Open Dos Window
      Type in: ping (hostname of office machine)
    • AlijaBevrnja
      Yes I am connected to the office through a VPN. The ping works fine and I can work remotely, but I guess that port forwarding could be an issue. My PC is associated with a specific port behind a collective router, so in order to connect to it, I have to specify port as well. Now, ping does not let me ping a specific port, but using powershell's Test-NetConnection I confirmed that the office PC is visible from my home office with the last line reading: TcpTestSucceeded : True
      So I assume now that icemcfd does not know how to use the already existing connection between my home and office PCs, established through ssh.
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