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Running Restart analyses on Linux servers with Ansys LS-DYNA

    • Vinay Shekhar

      Hi all, 

      I am attempting to run a restart analysis with LS-DYNA but I am running into an error. 

      forrtl: Is a directory
      forrtl: severe (30): open failure, unit 0, file "folder name"/./

      The restart command I'm using looks like this:

      /opt/exp_soft/ansys_inc/v222/ansys/bin/linx64/lsdyna_dp.e i=Restart_1.k r=d3dump01

      Thank you for any assistance you might have. 

    • Reno Genest
      Ansys Employee


      Try running outside the Ansys installation directory. Download an LS-DYNA solver:


      LSDYNA » Downloader (


      Put the solver somewhere on the Linux machine (outside the Ansys installation directory) and point the that solver with your command.

      You will find more information on restarts here:


      Let me know how it goes.




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