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Running System Coupling Examples on HPC

    • Nanda Wirawan

      Hi all,

      I am trying to run the system coupling tutorial (reed valve and oscillating plate) using Ansys 2021 R1 on HPC. I made a bash script based on the answer from user PHutch on this thread to run the system coupling reed valve and oscillating plate examples (pictures attached).

      Bash script

      *) The runFSI.txt file in the bash script above only contains two command, Open() and Solve()

      At first, I could run the reed valve using single core example without any problem, but when I am trying to use more than two cores, the log file shows that only two cores that is requested by the system coupling (picture attached).

      Maximum number of cores

      For the oscillating plate example, I also using trying to run the example on the HPC using bash script above, but it did not work at all. When I checked the log file, the system coupling could not connect to the CFX participant (picture attached).

      In the error log file, I found out that CFX invoke command line option -mpi (picture attached) even though I did not put -mpi additional argument in the runFSI.txt file.

      Is there any suggestions on how to use more than two cores for the system coupling and how to run structural-CFX coupling oscillating plate example using HPC?

      Thank you.

    • Federico Alzamora Previtali


      were you able to resolve this issue?

      If not, I would suggest contacting Ansys Support to help you with this request as this topic may be specific to your system.

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