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    • Asif Haq


      I am running simulations. I finalized one sim file and made a copy to run other tests. I am using feedback to converge the temperature of the heated metal in my induction heating simulation. And I want to see the output temperature in the parametric window.

      My original file reports temps from transient thermal and Maxwell 2D which is satisfactory. But the copied file now is giving me different results (Screenshot 125).

      When I go into the temperature plot in maxwell, the original file reports temperature close to what is found in Thermal analysis, but the copied file doesn’t show anything. In parametric it just comes as 1. (Screenshot 127).

      Can you help me figure this out. The files are same. Just a copy and paste.

      I want to print the temperature out of Maxwell in parametric which now is showing as P21 = 1. ( Screenshot 129)


      This is my workbench setup

      I need help to fix this. 

      This is my orginal file 

      Thesis_Sim - OneDrive (sharepoint.com)

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Ansys staff can not download any files on the forum, so if you want to reach a larger audience to get answers from, please insert inline images describing your problem.

      Are you seeing the difference in Maxwell or Transient thermal?

      Also, are you sure that you are running exact same file in the same version? if you copy and run the model with the same BCs you should ideally see the same results.


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      • Asif Haq

        I copied the orginal file and then run it. Different result 

    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Asif,

            I am not sure why you copy the file. How do you copy the model? What is the copied file's extension? 

            Could you use "save as" in Workbench? 



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