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Same script, different results between Ansys APDL 2019R2 and Ansys APDL 2019R3

    • Pietro

      Good evening everyone,

      I'm working on my degree thesis. I encountered a very strange problem: I launched the same script on my computer (with ansys APDL 2019 R3) and it gives me an error on a too large deformation of an element (Plane183), while on another computer with version 2019 R2 this error does not occur. I was wondering how it can be possible?

      I also downloaded the 2019 R2 version on my computer and things have not changed. Do you have any suggestions? Has anyone ever experienced something like this?

      I have attached a photo of the distortion of the element which, I repeat, does not occur on the other computer with version R2


    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      I would recommend comparing the solve.out files from both the versions side by side to check what is different exactly. You can use tools such as notepad++ or kdiff to do that.


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