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Saving Generated Report in Word Format

    • ChomanSalih


      I have some issues regarding exporting the generated report in word format. Can anyone please help. 

      Here is the full story:

      I created a model (imported 3d shape from AutoCad in .sat format) and saved it in a folder. I named the folder as

      1. 'sample name'_'support type'_'load'

      The model successfully run the problem and got what I wanted. Saved it in the named folder and generated the report with some figures and images of the setup. I also exported (send to) to word file and saved it (using save as option) in the same folder, but I renamed the word file to something similar to the name of the folder.docx . so no issue up to here.

      I wanted to change the load and therefore I copied the whole folder containing all ANSYS generated files/folders and the exported report in word document format. Now, I renamed the folder to 2.'sample name'_'support type'_'load'. for example changing from 1.timber_steel support_100kN to 2.timber_steel support_200kN. but the files/folders in that folder still have the same name as folder one.

      I deleted the generated report in folder 2 to prevent confusion. Now, I double clicked on the ANSYS .wbpj file and changed the load to 200kN. again, the model runs smoothly and was able to generate the report and save it as before (renamed to similar name to folder two). 

      The problem that I have is that report generated in folder 2 partially overrides the report in folder one in a way that it replaces all the images in report one but the tables are still the same. So, it is very confusing and hopefully, someone is able to guide me to correct this. 

      If I open the word file on another PC, the images also disappear (not able to load or generate a preview).

      sorry for over-explaining it. 

      Kind regards,


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      It's likely that some of the save commands retain the full path and not the new one: copying WB folders like that really isn't recommended. Instead either use a parameter (files will be in DP0, DP1 etc) or use "save as" at the project level and give it a different name. 

    • ChomanSalih

      Thank you for your reply. I tried save as, but it didn't solve the issue. I will try to use a parameter as you suggested. 



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