Embedded Software

Embedded Software

Saving/Loading Complications in MAPDL embedded in Workbench

    • Markuss1

      I embedded MAPDL in ANSYS Workbench (both Version 17.0) to do a transient Analysis with infinite elements (INFIN257) on the base as boundary conditions, which, to my knowledge, aren't implemented in Workbench (Mechanical). 

      The first problem is the embedding itself, MAPDL is connected to a random set-Up (here modal analysis, below) and I can work on everything inside MAPDL, but I would like to at least be able to read the results in Mechanical, so I dont have to go through the time history post processor in MAPDL.

      Project structure

      The second problem is, that when I save the project and load it through workbench, the infinite elements are gone, when opened by MAPDL directly out of the directory file, the infinite elements are shown faulty (below). When reading the results, the model is not recognized as the original model in both cases, so the data can be read, but not plotted on the model.

      faulty elements loaded

      Any recommendations?

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