Scale Factor in APD Example (Lumerical CHARGE)

    • wflosin

      I'm working on simulating a novel avalanche photodiode (APD), with imported generation rate data. In the generation rate object in one APD example (Avalanche photodetector – Ansys Optics), the scaling factor is set to 3.42e-7. How was this value determined? I can't find anything online except that it's to scale the input power, as the generation rate data is normalized to unity power. How do we know what the input power should be?

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Since the input has been normalized to 1W, it is up to the customer to specify the actual power to be injected, which is the scale factor. If higher power than required is used, the simulation may not converge, or to break point etc. So please choose proper injection power.

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