Scatter electric field by a dielectric sphere

    • gkeee


      I want to obtained scatter electric field by a dielectric sphere. I draw a sphere (r=2.4cm), and a box(100x100x100 cm) for radiation boundary. I excitation with plane wave at -2.4 cm, (Eo +x, k +z direction) ? adjust the 1-10 GHz for analysis setup.  And ? draw a point at R=70 cm , theta=60 deg. I want to obtained the scatter electric field at this point due to sphere. But my simulation stop with an error that out of memory. It is running on work station.

      I dont understand my fault. 

      Have you any ides for this problem? How i can obtain the electric field scattered by the sphere?



    • Peter Serano
      Ansys Employee

      It looks like you are trying to solve a problem that is too large for your PC to handle.

      Does the model mesh successfully? - Take a look at the 'mesh statistics' tab of the solver profile (Right click on 'Results' in the Project Tree Window and then select 'Solution Data').

      What is the total amount of tetrahedrons in the mesh? How much RAM do you have available on your workstation? 

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