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*.scdocx file format and SpaceClaim in parasolid (not ACIS) mode

    • ryan-feeley

      I posted this a week ago in the discoveryforum.ansys.com, but the post is still "pending review", so perhaps that forum is inactive. Sorry for double posting, but I guess I'll try here.

      We use the Ansys standalone SPEOS product, which in 2022R1 began to default to using SpaceClaim in the "parasolid kernel" mode, which is controlled by the SPACECLAIM_MODE system environment variable.

      This results in SpaceClaim defaulting to saving new designs as *.scdocx file, which I assume are using the Parasolid kernel.

      The SpaceClaim documentation doesn't mention that it has a parasolid kernel mode at all.

      Does anyone have any insight in to the better way to use SpaceClaim? I'm not doing the sort of work where the kernel matters. I just want minimal hassle in the future working with files I create today. I'm inclined to stick with *.scdoc files when I can until this transition shakes out.

      I believe Ansys is sunsetting SpaceClaim to merge it into the Discovery product, and I know they license the parasolid kernel from Siemens and the ACIS kernel from Daussault. I imagine they'd rather pay their MCAD competitors as little as possible. Does anyone know what kernel Discovery is using? That might shed some light on the format I should use for my Speos files.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
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