Script command to select all modes in FDE frequency sweep simulation

    • matteo
      Hi Using the Frequency Sweep tab in the FDE solver in MODE solution, I would like to simulataneously calculate the dispersion of several modes. I was able to do it by shift selecting with my mouse all the modes of interest, but I would like to make this automatic using script commands. I found the selectmode(); command, but I am able to select only a single mode with it.
      Is it possible to programmatically select multiple modes among the simulated ones?

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      selectmode can only be used to select ONE specified mode

      If you need to sweep specially selected modes, you may need to use selectmode and do this in a loop. Please refer this script:


      nn=[1;3;4]; #choose mode 1,mode3 and mode4
      setanalysis("number of points",9);
      setanalysis("stop wavelength",1.49e-6);
      setanalysis("number of test modes",5);
      setanalysis("track selected mode",1);
      setanalysis("detailed dispersion calculation",1);


    • matteo
      Hi, thanks!
      That is quite disappointing, I wanted to avoid a loop because it basically repeats N times the same simulation, and I'm trying to speed up the calculations I'm making.
    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      The other viable way is not to select any mode so to sweep the default 8 modes.
      Since this command is designed to select only one mode, please file a feature request for multiple modes: Vote new features, and file your feature request

    • matteo
      Hi, yeah, I tried that, but the issue is that I need to track the mode, since I have mode crossings, AND I wanted to select only two of the 10 modes found at the initial wavelength. I hoped that selectmodecould accept as an input a list of desired modes. I will file a feature request, thanks!
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