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3D Design

Script Commands for facethickness

    • KnHw



      I want to change the thickness of some faces of my shellbody. Therefore i wrote script, wich creates the faces. Now i want to give them a variable thickness. I know that i can do it by hand changing the thickness in the face properties, also it is possible, to parameterezise the thickness there. But because i used a script to generate the body and this is not recorded, ansys losses this settings, when i change the geometric parameters for my parametric study

      I also tried to use the midsurface tool, for solid elements, but this didnt't generated the correct faces. Thats why i build the faces on my own with the scirpt. So Midsurface tool is not a working solution at the moment



      I hope someone have a hint for me.


      Thank you very much

      Best regards


    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee



      MidSurfaceAspect.Create(surfBody, thickness)


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    • KnHw

      Hello Aniket,


      thanks for your help. This one solve a part of my problem. I think i need to understand the surfBody=GetRootPart().GetAllBodies()[0]  command a bit more in detail. I have some faces, wich i also want to set a different thickness, in a component. It is possible to select all these faces in the component? I wrote something like surfBody=GetRootPart().Components.Content.GetAllBodies()[0] but it didn't work. Another idea if i can select just on face in the component section i could wirte a for-loop. But i got the solver output: expected DesignBody, got DesignBodyGeneral. Maybe you could explain to me the difference or give me a link where i can reread it in the spaceclaim manual


      But overall thank you, you made my day by this hint. I have to complete my thesis sone and this hint showed that my simulation could work




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