Search for tool for simulation dependencies of capacity on frequency

    • 69mancl


      I'm in a search for software for analysis of frequency dependance of capacity. My simulation consists of proprietary electrode design. And also i need to be able to specify the shape of the excitation signals.

      What Ansys tool could provide it? #AEDT #Maxwell #capacity #frequency

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi 69mancl,

      I did not understand what do you want to simulate exactly.

      Is it the frequency dependence of Capacitance?

      If so, you can use the Ansys Q3D along with circuit simulation to achieve this.



    • 69mancl

      Thanks for reply.

      What i need is to simulate dependance of capacity on frequency. The capacitor has proprietary electrode design. So i have design of the capacitor, now i need to simulate its behavior with changing frequency. 

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