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Seeking Suggestions for “Eulerian Multi-Fluid VOF” model References Papers

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      Hello Everyone,

      Can anyone suggest referene papers related to Eulerian Multi-Fluid VOF model available in ANSYS Fluent. I am trying to undrstand the model formulation including governing equations and regime transition detection algorithms (transition from Eulerian to VOF and vice versa).

      The theory guide does not provide details about this model and there are very limited number of articles using this model, but these also include very minimal details of the model formulation. 

      Kindly suggest related articles so I can understand how this model works.


      A very good reference article which I found is following. But I am not sure if fluent uses same algorithm (or similar approach). Kindly comment.

      Coupling of the Interface Tracking and the Two-Fluid Models for the Simulation of Incompressible Two-Phase Flow by Gregor Cerne, Stojan Petelin, and Iztok Tiselj, Journal of Computational Physics 171, 776–804 (2001). doi:10.1006/jcph.2001.6810


      I am using Explicit Eulerian Multi-Fluid VOF with Sharp/Dispersed interface modelling option and modified HRIC scheme for volume fraction discretization in my project.




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