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Select line for define material type

    • eszter98


      I have a model which contains lines, and all of these lines parallel with one of the main axis (x,y,z).
      And I need to define different global Young modulus for the different directions, so I would like to select all lines which are in the same direction and after that I would like to define the material and the type of these groups. I have tried the LSEL command, but after that I don't know how i can use the FITEM command, which contains the lines' number, because the lines' number (which are in the same direction) not grow one by one.

      So i would like to ask, that how can i define the group of line for the FITEM command?

      Thanks for the answer!

    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee

      Hi eszter98 don't use FITEM for this type of selection.  Since the lines all line up with the global cartesian directions you can use the TAN1 and TAN2 selection options instead.  These are used to select lines based on the outward tangnet direction at the start and end of the lines respectively.  As an example to select all the lines that align with the X global direction issue the following:




      Does that give you the set of lines aligned with global X (sanity check).



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