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Selecting Experimental Tests for Accurate Rubber Behavior Simulation

    • Su Costa

      I'm currently working on a rubber compression problem and need some guidance on how to accurately simulate rubber behavior in my numerical simulations.

      I'm seeking advice on which material characterization would be best suited for this purpose and how to implement them effectively. 


      Experimental Test Selection: Among the available tests (uniaxial tension, uniaxial compression, biaxial tension, biaxial compression, and planar tests), which combination is recommended for comprehensive material characterization under compression conditions? Would conducting uniaxial compression, biaxial compression, and planar tests be accurate to model the rubber's behavior accurately for a compression problem?

      Converting Uniaxial Tension to Biaxial Compression: As biaxial compression and uniaxial tension tests provide different types of stress states, how can I convert the uniaxial tension test data into equivalent biaxial compression data? Are there established methods or equations for performing such conversions?

      Thank you in advance for your expertise and assistance. I'm looking forward to your valuable input and experiences.

    • Bill Bulat
      Ansys Employee

      As a way of initiating a discussion to which my more hyperlastic material model-savvy colleagues may subsequently contribute, let me say that your questions remind me of a few slides in an old material nonlinearities training course of ours: 




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